What Did Muhammad Said Before He Died

Understanding what did Muhammad said before he died is vital for comprehending the final guidance he left for his followers. His last words are a reflection of his profound wisdom and continue to serve as a guiding light for Muslims worldwide. This article delves into the events surrounding Prophet Muhammad’s last days, the significance of his final messages, and their enduring impact on Islamic teachings and history.

What Happened After the Death of Prophet Muhammad

what did muhammad said before he died

The death of Prophet Muhammad marked a pivotal moment in Islamic history. His passing left a significant void in leadership and posed a challenge to the unity and continuity of the Muslim community. Understanding what Muhammad said before he died became crucial as his final instructions emphasized maintaining faith and unity.

Following his death, the question of succession became urgent. The community quickly had to address who would lead them and ensure the stability of the nascent Islamic state. After careful deliberation, Abu Bakr, one of Muhammad’s closest companions and a trusted advisor, was elected as the first Caliph. His leadership played a critical role in stabilizing the community and expanding the Muslim state, ensuring that the teachings of Islam continued to spread and take root across the Arabian Peninsula and beyond.

By adhering to Muhammad’s final words and guidance, the early Muslim community was able to navigate the challenges of succession and maintain the unity that was essential for the religion’s growth and development.

Last Days of Prophet Muhammad

Prophet Muhammad’s last days were marked by illness and concern for his community. Despite his weakening condition, he continued to lead prayers and provide guidance. It was during these days that he delivered his famous last sermon, encapsulating key principles of Islam such as equality, justice, and the importance of following the Quran and Sunnah.

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What Did Muhammad Said Before He Died

what did muhammad said before he died

In his final moments, Prophet Muhammad left a profound and lasting message for his followers, emphasizing the importance of adhering to the teachings of the Quran and his Sunnah (traditions and practices). His last words encapsulate the core principles that guide Muslims in their faith and daily lives.

Prophet Muhammad, aware of his approaching death, gathered his closest companions and delivered a message that would serve as a guiding light for future generations. He stated, “I leave behind two essential things: the Quran and my Sunnah (example). If you adhere to both, you will never go astray.” This statement underscores the critical importance of the Quran as the divine revelation and the Sunnah as the practical application of that revelation.

The Quran: The Ultimate Source of Guidance

The Quran, regarded by Muslims as the literal word of God, provides comprehensive guidance on all aspects of life. It addresses faith, morality, personal conduct, and social justice issues. Muhammad’s emphasis on the Quran in his final words highlights its role as the primary source of wisdom and law for Muslims. By adhering to the teachings of the Quran, Muslims believe they can lead a righteous life that aligns with the will of Allah.

The Sunnah: Living the Teachings

The Sunnah, which encompasses the actions, sayings, and approvals of Prophet Muhammad, serves as a practical guide for implementing the teachings of the Quran. It provides context, interpretation, and examples of how to live according to Islamic principles. By following the Sunnah, Muslims strive to emulate the Prophet’s character, which embodies compassion, honesty, and dedication to justice.

Unity and Faith: Key Messages

In his final message, Prophet Muhammad also stressed the importance of unity and maintaining faith. He warned his followers against division and discord, emphasizing that unity is crucial for the strength and stability of the Muslim community. His call for unity reflects the Islamic principle of ummah, which refers to the global community of Muslims bound together by their faith.

Lasting Impact of Muhammad’s Final Words

The last words of Prophet Muhammad continue to resonate deeply within the Muslim world. They are frequently cited in religious sermons, educational settings, and personal reflections. These words are seen as a roadmap for living a life that is pleasing to Allah and beneficial to society. By adhering to the Quran and Sunnah, Muslims believe they can achieve both spiritual fulfillment and worldly success.

What Did Muhammad Say About the Purpose of Life

Prophet Muhammad articulated that the purpose of life is to worship Allah and lead a righteous, moral life. He emphasized kindness, charity, and compassion towards others. His teachings encourage Muslims to seek knowledge and strive for personal and spiritual growth, aligning their actions with the will of Allah.

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The Importance of Prophet Muhammad’s Last Words in Islamic History

The last words of Prophet Muhammad hold profound importance in Islamic history. They serve as a final testament to his life’s mission and his unwavering commitment to guiding his followers. His emphasis on the Quran and Sunnah as sources of guidance has shaped Islamic thought and practice for centuries.

Understanding the Last Advice of Prophet Muhammad to His Followers

Prophet Muhammad’s last advice was a call for unity and adherence to Islamic principles. He warned against division and urged his followers to uphold justice and compassion. This advice remains relevant, guiding Muslims in their daily lives and efforts to build a just and equitable society.


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The final words and actions of Prophet Muhammad before he died continue to resonate deeply within the Muslim community. Understanding what did Muhammad said before he died is crucial, as his guidance on maintaining faith, unity, and adherence to the Quran and Sunnah remains pivotal in shaping the lives of Muslims worldwide. His last instructions serve as a timeless beacon, guiding believers toward a path of righteousness and spiritual fulfillment.



What were the key messages of Prophet Muhammad’s last sermon?

Prophet Muhammad’s last sermon emphasized equality, justice, the importance of following the Quran and Sunnah, and the rights and responsibilities of Muslims.

How did the Muslim community handle leadership after Prophet Muhammad’s death?

After Prophet Muhammad’s death, Abu Bakr was elected as the first Caliph, ensuring the continuity and expansion of the Muslim community.

What is the significance of Prophet Muhammad’s final words?

Prophet Muhammad’s final words highlight the importance of adhering to the Quran and Sunnah, serving as a foundational guide for Muslims.

What did Prophet Muhammad emphasize about the purpose of life?

Prophet Muhammad emphasized that the purpose of life is to worship Allah and lead a righteous, moral life through kindness, charity, and personal growth.

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