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“Teachers of the Quran and Arabic language in our academy are distinguished by dedication and high professionalism. They exhibit a passion for imparting knowledge and guiding students toward continuous improvement. Their skills shine through in clear and understandable explanations, facilitating the understanding of the Quran and learning the Arabic language

They make extra efforts to provide a supportive and interactive learning environment, demonstrating positive interaction with students. They possess the ability to motivate and encourage students for active participation in lessons. Having teachers with such professionalism and educational spirit significantly contributes to enhancing students’ experience and achieving positive outcomes in their educational journey


about our teachers

 Our  teachers possess high qualifications and notable competence in teaching the Quran and Arabic language. They hold degrees from Al-Azhar University and related specialties, with deep teaching experience. They excel in mastering the Arabic language and have a profound understanding of Quranic texts, enabling them to effectively guide students toward sustainable progress in their linguistic and religious skills. Their positive interaction and continuous support enhance students’ learning experience, contributing to the development of their skills and motivating them to achieve their personal and educational goals

Some of our teachers


"I graduated from the College of Islamic and Arabic Studies at [Al-Azhar University]. I am 26 years old, and my qualifications include a bachelor's degree in Islamic Studies and the Arabic language. As a teacher of the Quran and the Arabic language, I provide comprehensive instruction covering the interpretation of the Quran, Arabic language rules, and listening and speaking skills. Students are guided toward a deep understanding of Quranic texts and the improvement of their language skills to achieve overall development in their academic and religious knowledge
Arabic and quran tutor
I am a specialized teacher in teaching children the Quran, Arabic language, and Tajweed. I obtained a bachelor's degree in teaching Arabic and the Quran from [Al-Azhar university], and I have ample experience in teaching children. My teaching focuses on making the process of learning the Quran and Arabic language enjoyable and effective for children. I use an interactive approach that includes learning letters and words in a simplified manner, as well as teaching language rules in ways that stimulate quick understanding. Regarding Tajweed, I concentrate on improving the children's recitation, enhancing their voice skills, and engaging with Quranic texts. I use dedicated books for learning reading and writing, such as ["Al- Qaida Al-Norania book] and [Noor albayan], to ensure the establishment of a strong foundation for Arabic language skills. My teaching aims to provide a positive and motivating environment to encourage children's love for learning religion and language with understanding and joy
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"Hello, my name is Mohammed. I am 30 years old and hold a Bachelor's degree in Islamic Studies with a specialization in Quranic Sciences from [University Name]. I have developed my skills in Quranic interpretation and its sciences through in-depth studies in topics such as: Quranic Sciences: Studying the rules and regulations governing the recitation and Tajweed of the Quran. Quranic Interpretation: Understanding interpretive concepts and the historical context of Quranic verses. Eloquence Sciences: Analyzing the style and linguistic structure of the Quran. Abrogation and Abrogated Sciences: Understanding concepts related to abrogation and changes in the Quran. In my teaching, I focus on guiding students through dedicated lessons to analyze Quranic texts, emphasizing the understanding of interpretive concepts and the practical application of Tajweed rules
SHEIKH Mohammed
Islamic and tafsir tutor
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I am a specialized teacher in teaching the Quran, Tajweed, Fiqh, and the sciences of interpretation. I obtained a bachelor's degree in Islamic Sciences from Al-Azhar University. My teaching journey has been rich and diverse. I guide students towards improving their recitation and vocal performance of the Quran in a way that combines traditional and modern interactive techniques. In the field of Fiqh, I provide comprehensive explanations of legal rulings with a focus on practical applications. I emphasize clarifying the historical and linguistic context of Quranic verses during my lessons in the science of interpretation. I use an engaging approach to capture students' attention and motivate them to understand the depths of religious concepts. Having a degree in the Quran, I strive to create a supportive educational environment that encourages interaction and motivates students to achieve progress, carrying with it a deeper understanding and improvement in their skills.
Quran and islamic studies teacher