Noon and Meem Mushaddadah


Unveiling the Secrets of Noon and Meem Mushaddadah: A Concise Tajweed Guide
Embark on a journey to master the art of Tajweed, the key to unlocking the melodious intricacies of the Qur’an. In this concise guide, you’ll explore the rules of Tajweed, specifically focusing on the pronunciation of Noon and Meem Mushaddadah. In less than five minutes, you’ll gain a solid understanding of this essential aspect of Tajweed, empowering you to enhance your Qur’anic recitation with newfound clarity and precision.

Harmonizing Your Voice with the Qur’an: A Guide to Pronouncing Noon and Meem Mushaddadah in Tajweed

  • Noon
  1. Noon letter is articulated by meeting the tip of the tongue with the gums of upper teeth 
  2. Put your tongue tip on the gums of yours two upper front incisors and try producing the sound [ ANNN]
Noon and Meem Mushaddadah
tajweed quran rules- after the last picture you have to know how exactly is the letter pronounced 

  • MEEM
  1. MEEM letter is articulated by the closing the two lips together
  2. Close your two lips together without much pressing and try producing sound [AMM]
Noon and Meem Mushaddadah
Quran Tajweed Rules – I think its not hard to start pronounce them. In the other hand , Read How can you apply them.

  How can we apply ?

  • MEEM
  1. Keep your tongue in the articulation point 
  2. Produce a Ghunnah for period of time 
  • NOON
  1. Close the lips together to pronounce the letter together 
  2. Keep them closed for a period of time with Ghunnah

  Conclusion of tajweed quran rules :

  • When you find one of the two letters meem or noon carries shaddah apply the most complete Ghunnah for 2 counts 
  • If the reader stops on the word ending with noon or meem mushaddad  the Ghunnah  still has to applied

Look at the following example to start pronounce both of those letters 

 :Practice with Quranic Examples

حمّالة  ثُمَّ  لمَّا  مِمَّ 
النُّجُوم  الجَنَّةَ  ظَنَّ  النَّعِيم 
النِّساء  إِنَّ  مُحمَّدٌ  سمَّعُون 

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